6 Sep 2012

Projects // Reusing old folders.

After five years of university and eternity of school before that, my pile of battered and bruised folders is tall enough to give me a good leg up to the attic (and I'm not tall).  Whilst it is tempting to buy new stationary each September, the back to school vibe is deeply rooted in my soul, the poverty that this many years of schooling has generated makes this wishful thinking.  So instead I spent the day salvaging my old folders and actually by the end, I felt pretty smug.  They make a cute bundle.

Here is a IKEA-esque pictographic representation of what I did.  But with slightly clearer instructions.


Apologies for the slightly lousy photographs, I am still adapting to the little point-and-shoot.  And maybe sulking a little.

IMG_1488 IMG_1481 IMG_1484

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