30 Sep 2012

Sunday Reads.

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As Sundays seem to be my ' everything else that I love but that doesn't quite fit' day, I thought it would be nice to share my monthly reads.  I am famed for the pile of books that accrue on my bedside table; novels, comics, zines and endless cookbooks make their way onto the pile.  It is the final decision left to make at the end of the day, which one do I pick up?  Admittedly the answer to the question is often - what's on top?
So this month on my reading pile:


Skye Gyngell A year in my kitchen.  Omgosh.  This cookbook.  It is hard to explain how wonderful this book is.  The book follows the seasons with recipes based on whatever is best and locally available at the time; oranges and root veg in the winter to tomatoes and aubergines in the summer.  She discusses her personal culinary toolbox - a dozen or so basic recipes and ingredients that she uses through the book to add to her recipes to construct really very special dishes.  This book is all about inspiring you to be a proper cook and to experiment with ingredients and flavours.  It is still, and may always be, my kitchen bible.


Alex Wrekk Stolen Sharpie Revolution. I love this zine, it seems to have taken up near permanent residence on my bedside table.  It is so inspiring I end up frantically scrawling in my notebook every single time I pick it up!


Margaret Atwood The Blind Assassin.  This is another book by one of the world's best authors.  The tale commences with newspaper cuttings regarding the tragic death of a young woman, who after the posthumous publication of her writing, will become world famous.  The story continues through the recollections of her, now elderly, older sister and through the tales contained deeper within the famed novel she wrote during her lifetime.  It is a sad book but gripping as all the individual strands are pulled slowly together in concluding the life of this strange little sister.

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