8 Aug 2012

The Minstrel Bug.

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Although I am finally back home, I appear to have spent a little too much time unpacking/ faffing/ watching Game of Thrones, so I am a bit behind on the blog front!  Hence today all I have to offer is a photo-heavy, text-light post.
These little charmers are known as the Minstrel Bug or the Italian Striped-Bug (Graphosoma lineatum) and they are a type of shield beetle.  Whilst on holiday I found pretty much a bazillion of the fellas along the sides of every road, clambering all over the dessicated flowers.  From what I have managed to ascertain they seem to spend an awful lot of their time mating and they taste pretty foul, can you believe that in this day and age that is all the Internet is able to tell me?  They are pretty cute though, they look like they could make nice snazzy buttons.  That might just be me though.

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