5 Aug 2012

August's Collection.


I think this counts as a collection, I mean I did collect them, right?  I spied one of these little critters on the banks of the canal whilst taking the dog for a evening ponder and picked it up to go and show James' little brother.  As I knelt down I realised there was another, then another then a hundred more spanning into the distance, like someone had dropped a string of fairylights.  I felt like I was in James and the Giant Peach, chasing the little golden lights as they wriggle and dance away.  After an hour of stalking them up and down the path, I gathered about ten and bought them back to the boat to light up our evening, but the little blighters kept climbing out they were released back to the wild after about five minutes.  They are such surreal little animals, it is hard to believe that I didn't just dream them into existance.


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