25 Aug 2012

Projects // Photocopies.


I recently bought 'A Stolen Sharpie Revolution' which re-awakened in me the magic of the lowly photocopier.  Having gone through a slightly tragic, punk aspiring phase (think sex pistols patches sewn onto bags, cutting holes in perfectly good tee-shirts and a misplaced belief that safety pins look 'sick' as earings) I still believe that the punk gig flyer is the best kind of advertisment.  So, whilst it might be a little early in the year, James and I spent a morning making a flyer inspired invitation for this year's halloween party.




I feel pretty pleased with the end result.  If you are curious, the fonts were all downloaded from DaFont and the hatched background is the inside of a security envelope which once held our water bill.  
James and I went to the nearest library to use their photocopier which just so happens to be the Law Library.  I must admit that photocopying sheets of paper emblazoned with 'Black Death', whilst the hardworking student behind me waits patiently with her serious volume on investment law, made me feel a little silly, but the end result was totally worth it.  I just cannot wait for Halloween now!