28 Aug 2012

Apologies for the brief hiatus.


So it has been a bit quiet round these parts the last few days.  Sadly my small corner of the internet is on the change.  I am fully aware the impact of this for the wide world is pretty much non-existent, but for me this is kind of a (tragic) big deal.  The DSLR that I have been lucky enough to have access to for the past two months has been returned to its rightful home and I am uncertain what this means for the fate of this little blog.  Whilst the trusty point-and-shoot is currently on charge, there is nothing quite like the flexibility of the powerful camera.  So the last couple of days have been quiet.  I have been thinking and planning and forming ideas, working out logistics and trying endlessly to figure out whether or not a predominantly photography based blog can survive the absence of a camera.  I suppose it remains to be seen.
I'm going to have to get saving.




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