15 Jul 2012

Time to enjoy a sunset (and collecting a rainbow).

Last night, as we were sat at our little table drinking red wine and chatting, I happened to look out the window and see the most incredible rainbow superimposed on the grey clouds.  Quick as a flash I grabbed the camera and we sprinted barefoot down onto the street outside.  It was such a dramatic moment, the houses were golden in the sunset and the rainbow looked a little like it might be pouring out from our roof.  I'd like to think it was.  All the doors along the street were open and people carrying cameras and mobiles phones were leaning out to take photographs.  It felt like a special rainbow appreciation society gathering.  I wish there was such a thing.

Anyway, that gives me a nice 15 points for my cloud collection.
Once everyone had grown tired of the rainbow and headed back in for their suppers, we took some pictures against the sunset.   Although our little flat is perfect, the street we are on usually looks pretty grotty, so I felt I had to make the most of the illusion that we live in a nice area!  It really did look a little magical.



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