13 Jul 2012

Five years at a glance.

I recently read this post by Meredith in which she referred to her five year diary as 'analogue blogging'.  However I must confess that this blog feels a little more like digital journalling.  I don't suppose it matters but it tickled me!  I digress.

5 year diary

I have kept my five year diary for a whole year and am now entering my second year.  This is where it gets good.  It is incredible reading words I wrote a whole year ago, some feel as though they were written a life time ago and others only yesterday.  The sense of progress feels good.  I am a year further, I live with my wonderful boyfriend in a perfect little flat, I now volunteer with a charity I feel passionate about, I have a windowsill of pot plants and I have finally learnt to crochet.  A lot has happened in a year.

That said, this day last year I was here..


The very edge of Dondet Island in Laos.  The sun was setting as I sat with James and one of my closest friends watching the boats go past.  I tried to stop ants climbing into my sweet tea as we counted the lizards scattered on the ceiling and discussed trivial happenings of the day.  It was a quiet moment, one that could easily have been missed or forgotten, but in it's own way it was momentous.
I sense the entry this year might be a little less exciting to read back in another year's time.

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