16 Jul 2012

Finally catching up on some projects.



This last week I actually managed to tick off a few of the projects I have been longing to do.  Every time I find something I wish I could do, whether it is culinary, decorative, paper, reading, knitting or travel based, I quickly print it off and add it to the folder.  Which is technically now a folder and pile.  Two piles.  
Sat on the sofa, leafing through the pile folder, I found the perfect rainy-afternoon-watching-a-movie project.  Whilst I may no longer be thirteen, realising that it is technically not too late to become one of those girls that are able to make the best friendship bracelets felt pretty sweet.  Sadly, now not being thirteen, I don't suppose it holds the same status it used to (and I still don't seem to be able to make them as well as 'Emz' could in Year 8).  But nonetheless I did it and I am currently proudly sporting my creation (okay as an anklet, under tights but that doesn't mean I'm not proud).
I also had another go at this project, making your own coaster set from cheap tiles.  My first attempt used glittery modpodge and resulted in the photograph of James looking a little like Twilight Fan Art.  This time I was restricted to using pictures of flowers.
Additionally, I was taught to crochet small stars this week by a very patient family member and when eventually all their limbs (prongs?  arms?) are the same size and without holes, I may share a photo of them too!

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