11 Jul 2012

An ongoing local resolution.

Farmers Market

For a long time James and I have aimed to spend 80% of our food budget locally, a challenge which appears to be becoming ever easier.  There is such a wonderful growing awareness of where food comes from now and it seems to be changing the face of the city I live in.  When I first moved here five years ago, I used to visit the farmer's market more out of a sense of duty than out of an actual desire to go.  It was terrible; five or six miserable stalls and a handful of disappointed die hard foodies looking bleak.  Now Cardiff's Farmer's Market is something to actually be excited about - there is fruit, veg, cheese, eggs, meat, soaps, cider and the most amazing Indian breakfast stall!  Our Sunday morning pilgrimage has become a weekly highlight.
This week I sadly had to go it alone as James was working and the lovely veg man took pity on me (I mean, I did have to carry my own bag) and gave me the courgette flowers that are in the middle of the picture; flowers you can eat are the best kind of flowers.

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