9 Jul 2012

Summer Plans // Walking a dog by the sea.


Number Five on my Summer List was to walk a dog by the sea.  This was a surprisingly easy goal to achieve.  Decent swell hit the Welsh coast (according to the men folk) this week so one evening, once work and placement was complete for all, we drove down to Porthcawl.  We sat on a cliff over the sea and ate homemade goats cheese and pesto calzone followed by James' special; rhubarb polenta cake.  Then the boys went for a paddle whilst us girls partook in the walking of Maisy; it was only her second ever walk outside, so most of it was spent preventing her eating slugs and other exciting novelties.

We pottered along the cliffs chatting for a good hour before realising that we had the keys to the car and the boys would probably be unimpressed when they returned to said car in their wetsuits to find we were not there.  Oops!  They met us grouchily (and damply) on the cliffs....  We had all lost track of time and it was very dark by this point.  Down on the rocks we saw a strange yellow glow, it looked like a small LED light had been dropped on the pebbles.  We went to investigate further and this is what we found!


An actual real life glow worm! Although on closer inspection (i.e. with a flash) we discovered that glow worms are not really worms at all but rather these slightly creepy looking insects! 


It was still magical though, his surreal yellow glow illuminating the rock by the path.  
(Apologies for the shocking quality of the photos, my blackberry camera was all I had on my person)

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