19 Jul 2012

On cookies, summer and time to breathe.


I did initially intend to put a post up yesterday, you know, stick to a bit of a routine, however as I spent pretty much the whole day getting nervous (and only a little worked up) about the assessment I had this morning I wasn't particularly feeling the positive vibe.  In fact I was definitely feeling the  'Oscar-the-Grouch' vibe but without being so cuddly looking.  Today though the assessment is done, my placement has finished and the summer holidays have officially begun!  The assessment also went so much better than I could have hoped; there is nothing like going out on a high note!
Now I am home and free, I have baked soft, crumbly cookies and am sat in a rare beam of light that has found its way into my flat.  I have finally been able to edit a tonne of photographs, Laura Gibson is playing on my iTunes and I'm looking forward to some guilt free reading time shortly.  I don't think it is possible to ever grow out of the 'school's out' excitement!  I may even consider staying up later than 10pm tonight.  I know.  I'm wild.

IMG_4767 IMG_4787

Also isn't my garden gnome glass the cutest.  Thank you James :)

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