16 Jun 2012

For the love of Saturdays.


Happy weekend all.  We finally made it!

I started my placement block this week at the hospital.  After two weeks of holiday, getting into the 9-5 swing has been a little tricky.  That said though, I am loving the weekend feeling again; endless mugs of tea and coffee, two breakfasts and a little time with my knitting whilst listening to the radio feels like such luxury.  
I also finished my first ever sock!  Admittedly it took an embarrassingly long time to complete but I am crazy proud of it.  I am knitting them with a silk and merino blend wool that I was saving for something special, but recently my knitting basket has got a little out of hand with 'wool that is too special to use', so I made the tough decision to stop just stroking the skeins and to put them to use.  They do feel slightly incredible, all soft and snuggly.  I may be wearing the single sock right now.  Now just to hurry up with the second one!


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