15 Jun 2012

A birthday adventure....

Although a little late I really wanted to share the mini-adventure created for James' birthday.  I used the tutorial (available here) to make a collection of envelopes that I tied up and gave him as a birthday card.  In each envelope was a letter encompassing a different stage of our adventure.
The first card included instructions to find the present pile (which I foolishly forgot to photograph).
The second card indicated how we were to forage for breakfast; it was an arduous forage for croissants and coffee in the park...


The third card detailed our voyage to see the wild animals necessary for any adventure (and  importantly included the necessary maps). 


The fourth phase was a surprise meeting with other travellers; friends and family met us at the zoo)


The fifth stage of our adventure involved spying on fellow travellers (a trip to the Camera Obscura in Bristol). Sadly it was closed however the incredible view over Bristol made the climb  totally worthwhile.


The sixth phase of our, now a bit sleepy, journey was to hunt down dinner - we bravely captured squid ink pasta and scallops at Jamie's Italian.  Pretty good hunting I'd say.


The seventh and final phase of the journey was a night of roughing it like true adventurers.


I love a good adventure.  Where would you go on yours?

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