15 Apr 2012

On entering the Dark Ages.

This morning my poor dear little phone broke and apparently I am not eligible for a free upgrade for another month, thus begins life without my blackberry.  I'm not going to lie, I'm a little scared.

My phone organised my life but our relationship was complicated.  I am grieving a little for its passing; I have lost a million recipes sourced from all round the web, about eight months (I am a rubbish backer-upper) of photos and hundreds of bookmarked pages of projects I would one day actually do.  However, I have resented my dependence on its little black keypad, the control it exerts over my leisure time, willing me to browse blogs and random articles as opposed to actually getting on and picking up my book or tempting me to check facebook every couple minutes when my revision is getting dull.  Perhaps my blackberry's death will return to me the hours of my wasted day, I might become a more productive, more holistic person.  Alternatively, I will just spent more time sat at the computer.  Who knows?!

(Also, whilst this picture is totally unrelated to the content of this post, I was pretty excited to see this many magpies outside my window.  Five for Silver can be nothing but a good thing right?)

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