14 Apr 2012

A little late for Easter


Sadly, in my typical pre-exam organised fashion, this little Bunny Rabbit was not ready in time for Easter Sunday.  He is my post-Easter-bunny instead.  I got the pattern here but simplifed a little, the bow-tie seemed a little unnecessary for this little chap! 
I love love love Easter (not just for the chocolate) but I love what a 'no-pressure' holiday it is.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, but Easter is a far more relaxing break!  Plus, I love those funny little pompom chicks that are sold everywhere, as apparently does my mother's dog, poor soggy chicks.

Now I have no excuse except to get on knitting these cushion covers for my mum though, expanses of grey just don't have the same magic as fluffy bunnies.

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