16 Apr 2012

The Burning House

If you haven't already seen this you really should stop reading here, quickly, and go and visit The Burning House blog.  The concept of the site is simple; what would you rescue if your house was on fire?  Okay, in practical terms, we all know you cannot really save your piano/antique furniture/best saucepans from the blaze.  Years of school fire drills mean upon hearing a fire alarm I have an overwhelming desire to queue quietly near an exit, not even dreaming of picking up the pencilcase readily available in front of me in order to avoid the lecture on how irresponsible it is to save material possessions.  But imagine you could, imagine you had time to dig out those old photos and grab the pets from their cages, what would you take?  I would love to know what you would save.


(If you're interested you can see my full submission here)

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