10 Apr 2012

April's Collection

I love looking at people's collections.  Flickr is filled with beach combing collections; soft glass and shells, or mirrors, or Pyrex tupperware or vintage match boxes.  I find it facinating the different kinds of things that people feel inspired to hoard.  So I thought I would give my meagre collections a small chance to shine.  Some of the things I collect are for a weeks long whim, others have been curated lovingly over many years.  My buttons are one of those collections.  When I was about 10 or 11 we visited the Mulberry Outlet near my home.  I was not happy to be dragged along, once again, to look at fabric samples.  But under the heavy rolls of floral tapestries was a ripped cardboard box scrawled on with black marker saying 'damaged buttons'.
These are beautiful buttons, pearl grey with fault lines down their face.  I fit five across the length of my palm and convinced my mother to buy them for me, 20p each.  I still have two of the five in my tub of buttons and ever since my collection has continued to grow.
IMG_0879 copy

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