5 Apr 2012

Return of the Revision (the Exams Strike Back)

Once again it is that time of year and I'm pretty sure it arrives faster each year.  Those in the world of work moan about how quickly Christmas crops up but for students it is Exam Season and now in my fifth year of University, I must confess it is getting a little dull!
I have learnt that my coping mechanism is a little regressive; like preparing for my SATs aged 11 I once again have revision timetables, coloured highlighters, funky post-it notes and a carefully cultivated collection of beautiful stationery.  My crutch to get through the long days sat at the library, attempting not to get distracted by my phone/lunch/reading the backs of wrappers/reading James's revision instead of my own, is to indulge in high quality paper, beautiful pens and of course an Orla Kiely folder to store my notes in.  Sad? Very.  But really, who needs good grades when you can make your work look that pretty?!

So in conclusion, someone needs to buy me this to help me pass my degree.  It is that simple. Please?

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