11 Apr 2012

Through Beer Tinted Lenses...

So I am attempting to learn the ancient art of beercan photography!  Admittedly the learning curve is steep - I recieved quite a few concerned looks from passersby, posing in front of a beercan on the floor whilst counting under your breath apparently isn't typical behaviour!  The selfconsciousness was worth it in the end however.  I love how dark and ominous the photos look, no hint of the beautiful April sunshine and the clouds of blossom.

The tree below is my first dabble with photopositive paper - exactly the same process as the photonegative, same chemicals, the lot, but no inversing on photoshop is required, it develops as a straight positive image.  It is pretty neat but I think I prefer the grainy feel of the photonegative, plus it seems to mark more easily as you develop it.  So from eight beercans I only got three good pictures, getting the timing right for exposure is apparently quite easy to misjudge (especially if you are counting in 'mississippis' because your watch strap broke).

Untitled Untitled

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