18 Jun 2014

end of an era.


It has been a pretty long while since I have written here.  I keep opening the page and hoping that words might appear, then they don't.  So I thought, rather than leaving it here lingering and open to change, I would just close it.  A clean break!

This blog has never exactly been huge (thank you my dear 82 google friend connect followers and 59 bloglovin folk!) but I have loved keeping it.  I loved having something to pour my energies into when my life was revolving around exams, I loved having a reason to take photos and be more mindful of my days and I loved having an excuse to take selfies with the chickens!
But since Faelen arrived, my motivation to sit behind the screen is gone.  These last seven months have changed everything, me, James, our home, the number of times I feel is acceptable to shower per week.  And I have loved every change.  But now, faced with a boy who has learnt to crawl I believe for the sole reason of reaching (and chewing) extension cables, my time is required in a hundred other ways.  I have nothing to add to the world of 'mummy bloggers' (sitting Faelen in front of the washing machine, like a personal wide-screen TV, is a legit parenting technique, right?) and I figure, if I can't do it properly, then leave it.


Thank you everyone who has ever commented or emailed, each one made my day.  If you are still left with any desire to see endless pictures of my beautiful babe (and my unwashed hair) I am on Instagram as @jaibess - please say hello!  
Anyway, this was fun, let's do it again some time?



  1. Oh I felt a teeny bit sad reading this! I have so loved reading your words on studentdom, on craft, on foraging and most recently on your own experiences of motherhood...and shall really miss coming by here every so often.

    Have also loved seeing the world through your eyes *gorgeous photos*.

    Let's stay in touch?

  2. so sad to see you go! but i believe there will be a day when i write a post like this as well. being a mommy is important and you'll be missed. but of course, if you come back one year to post an update, we'll still be here to read :) best of luck!

  3. dawwwwww, bless you... are you gonna do a teensy weensy update everynow and then? and oh dear, I think you were perhaps one of the extremly very few that cared about my blog of crap. Idk. xxx