25 Feb 2014

normality resumes.


Last week was wonderful for all three of us.  

Faelen got to spend long days snugged in snoozing in the sling, his current favourite place, whilst James and I went walking and exploring.  
James finally got to spend the time he has been craving with Faelen, not just the cranky evenings and drowsy mornings.  
And me - well I made the most of car access to visit the long list of cafes and attractions that I have been accruing in the back of my Diary.  I ate a lot of breakfast (and smarties - such lovely colours)! 

After a week of lazy mornings, help with the night-squarks and endless pots of tea, I feel more than a little sorry that our stay-cation has come to an end and James has gone back to work.  It honestly was one of the best (and cheapest!) holidays I have ever had!

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