18 Jan 2014

the first sea visit.

We took Faelen to see the sea.  I know he won't remember his first, cold January walk along the coast, tucked in the sling (and briefly in his daddies coat), but we will.  Babies manage to bring a magic to all the usually mundane and everyday.
Whilst Faelen dozed, James and I talked at length as we walked about the 'firsts' we have already experienced with Faelen in the nine weeks he has been a part of our lives, and the hundreds we have yet to come.  Whilst this may have been his first breath of sea air, we have the first trip where he stays awake long enough to see the sea to look forwards to, then the trips where he notices it, says its name, paddles, swims, hassles for ice cream and maybe, eventually, surfs in it.  There is so much to come.
For now though, I am happy to walk in the drizzle with my small hedgehog boy snuffling into my chest.

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