14 Jan 2014

on moments of sanity (and lino printing).


After writing about how time has eluded me since Faelen's arrival, James gave me the gift of an uninterrupted hour.  He took Faelen to the room next door where they bonded over jingly toys and a jungle play mat whilst I revelled in the silence and space of an hour to myself.  

I pulled out my inks, rollers and Japanese papers and laid paper down on the table.  Whilst these fishies have been carved in snatched moments over several weeks, the oily inks and the time required for printing had put them on the backburner.  Finally being able to burnish the print, watching the designs seep through the paper, I was filled with quiet contentment.  Then, what felt like mere seconds later, Faelen cried and my hours' serenity was broken and, leaving a pile of Mackerel and Plaice drying, I went to snuggle with my family on the sofa.

I love a good weekend.

IMG_0680 IMG_0683 IMG_0692


  1. J'adore!
    I wonder, do you know if it's possible to lino print onto fabric with fabric paint?

    1. I have been investigating this very thing! I want to be able to print on clothes for Faelen. I think lino printing is too shallow so the designs wouldn't work onto clothing but with carving rubber it can work quite nicely as you cut much deeper into the rubber. I have put in my first post-christmas-treat order of a block of rubber from here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/lovesprouts to try it out :) xx

    2. Oooh, I'll be excited to see how you get on with this!
      On of my adult students (who is a potter) gave me a hand printed tea towel for Christmas and ever since I've been keen to have a go at printing my own fabrics! xx