1 Oct 2013

the noise of quiet.

Living Room 2

Today is another quiet day.  Every morning I awake to a cacophony - the sounds of James showering, changing, shaving and singing, endlessly opening and closing the fridge, the sounds of cereal bowls clattering and the coffee on the hob, the hundred times he feels it necessary to run up and down the stairs and ultimately, after he says goodbye, the sound of the front door and the car driving away.


Then the house is silent.  There are no sounds except the boiler periodically humming and the clock ticking in the kitchen.  During my first few days here I found the silence intrusive so kept the radio talking constantly.  A whole empty house felt overwhelming - even when everyone went to work in Shepton there was always a dog or a chicken wanting to converse.

Seed Stitch 2

This week I have found my footing with it.  I love the silence.  With only six weeks before bump is scheduled to appear, I guess it might be a long time before I am able to revel in the silence of an empty house again, so  I am enjoying this charmed limbo, quietly tucked up on the sofa eating autumn fruits and practicing a new (to me) chunky knit stitch.  I have no idea how I am going to break from this cocoon to go to the NCT class later!

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