30 Sep 2013

hello internet world, I have returned.

First breakfast in the new house - there is a mean takeaway coffee place on our road, despite having finally unpacked our toaster, this may have to become part of our weekend routine!

Finally I am back in the world of having internet.  As much as being forced into disconnecting for a time has been positive I am revelling in being reconnected.  Netflix, other blogs, my blog, YouTube, iPlayer, I am sorry I ever doubted your essentialness.  Moving to an unfamiliar area where I know no real human beings or even where to buy toothpaste has felt intrepid without the assistance of the web.

Moving in treats from our lovely new landlord+lady!

That said - the lack of internet has already forced me to become more sociable IRL (I have never used such an acronym but here it feels fitting).  Last week I finished a knitting project and needed to buy toy stuffing, normally a five minute internet based activity, however my impatience forced me to leave the house to explore.  During my explore I discovered three independent craft shops within a five minute walk of the house and, in one of the shops - 'my make and do', I was lucky enough to meet the loveliest lady who told me about a bundle of local evening groups and classes (all of which I have tentatively marked in the calendar - meeting that many new people in a short amount of time requires careful consideration).

Really, this whole area of Bristol is so exciting, I have been hoarding leaflets and flyers like crazy.  With only six weeks before baby bump is due to make his grand appearance, I have a lot to fit in!


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