4 Oct 2013

baby boy: nursery thoughts.

Knitted Cat 1

Rationally I know that baby bump won’t notice or care what the nursery looks like, especially as he won't even be sleeping in it for the first few months, but it bothers me that his first room is basically a glorified utilities-cupboard.  It can be hard in rented home, especially a relatively short term let where spending money on paint and carpets would be foolish, to make a place seem like a home.  This seems to apply more for the nursery than any other room in the house; I would love to be able to paint the walls like my mum did for me and my brother growing up.  

D and I were both born at home in a tiny cottage surrounded by fields.  When we had to leave to move to the town, we were devastated.  Mum was wonderful though and worked so hard to make us a new, special place in the large, unloveable town house.  My bedroom was painted with a night scene at one end with a large moon and bats painted around the window, D had a green bedroom with strange aliens peering from behind the radiator and the side of his bed.

I wish baby bump could grow and play in a room that he knew was painted, with love, just for him.  As this is not possible I have been putting my efforts into small projects in an attempt to create a space that feels a little special.


This moggy was knit using a Donna Wilson pattern.  Whilst I know that he is unlikely to pick my lovingly handmade toy as his future favourite (growing up all nice toys paled in comparison to the one a family friend gave me from a Happy Meal) I can pretend that he may one day be appreciative! 


  1. Have just been enjoying a look through your knitting archives :)
    This moggy is super cute!!

    And absoloutly perfect for a wee one - I've only got teddy/animal patterns suitable for older children, might have to do a pattern swop sometime! xx

    1. That sounds like a very grand idea! If you wanted to drop me your email address, when Faelen gives me ten minutes, I could scan the pattern and email it your way :) x

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