3 Oct 2013

34 weeks pregnant.

James and I have nearly completed our NCT classes now and, for me, meeting women of a similar girth has been great!  Being the first one of my friends to get pregnant has been a little scary - other than my mother and google (and seriously, never, ever google anything in pregnancy, it gets dark) I have lacked people to direct my endless, naive questions and need for reassurance at.  Meeting other expectant first-time mums has helped so much - some of them even managed to ask questions more daft than mine!  
I was surprised on the first day to find that James and I are considerably the youngest in the NCT class and we both had others in the group "discretely" ask whether or not we planned this pregnancy!  At 24 I am always surprised when people ask us that; 24 feels like a very reasonable age to start a family (even my Nonna approves)!  We are also the only couple in the group planning a homebirth, so all round we have failed to blend in!

33 weeks mix
What is the internet for if not for sharing slightly awkward, semi-undressed, grainy pictures of your stomach? 

Anyway, baby boy is a whole 34 weeks and 4 days brewed.  These pictures were taken last week, I thought then that my tummy couldn't stretch much further, but comparing these pictures to the size of bump today it is pretty clear that baby boy is still acing this growing thing.  I regret not taking more bump pictures.  Sometimes it feels like I have been pregnant for years and my stomach has always occluded my view of my feet but then a picture shows the difference that a couple weeks has made to my body and I remember how far those daily, imperceptible changes have taken baby boy and I.  
As we have grown, sleep has become a thing of the past.  I am spending my days in a cosy, tired fug.  I am so grateful to not be working at this time, being able to snatch five minutes of doze on the sofa throughout the day keeps me ticking over.  It is a charmed time; drinking tea, reading, knitting, singing to bump and waiting for the next stage to begin.

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