9 Sep 2013

why chickens make the best pets.

Whilst I am busy unpacking boxes in the new house I thought I would share a small thought for the day on...

why chickens make the best pets


They are pets that provide you with breakfast food.  As our chickens tend towards the 'well f***ing free range' (as my mother's partner refers to their inability to stay cooped up) the mornings are a daily egg hunt but ultimately, for sour dough bread and poached eggs, it is worth it!  (Pictured is Bunty's current nest in the sage plant).

Chicken Cuddles

Believe it or not, chickens are actually pretty cuddly.  Whilst our chucks put the Chicken Run chickens to shame with their escapology-abilities, should a human of any size go outside they cannot resist running up for a smooch and bit of attention.  Even the initially anti-social chickens become cuddlers within a couple weeks of moving in.


Chickens are hilarious looking. End of.


Living with chickens is like have a personal, low budget version of Tom and Jerry on your doorstep - here Bunty (the white) is stalking Feathers (the charcoal).  It may not involve anvils and catapults but it is still pretty entertaining.  Spoiler: it usually ends anticlimactically with Bunty realising that Feathers doesn't actually have anything tasty to eat and pottering off to bother a different chicken.


Sticky burrs, flecks of food or anonymous dust and dirt on your clothes?  The chicken will peck you clean.  Drawback - there is no magic word to get them to stop and they are not discerning of toes or tights and will leave holes.

Bunty and the Book

Chickens have a deep and profound interest in anything that you might be doing.  If you don't pay them attention, they will develop a deep and profound desire to attempt to eat whatever it is you might be doing.

Feathers photobomb
(Apologies for the immediate re-use of this picture but it cracks me up so bad)!  Chickens have a knack of photobombing and ruining pictures.  Here I was setting up to take a picture of a caterpillar which, after she had finished investigating (and pecking) my camera, Feathers artfully ate.


Quiet companionship is often provided.

Chickens really are the best pets.

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