7 Sep 2013

ten for the weekend (the last week in the country).

Today, even as this appears on the blog, I am attempting to move house.  James is doing night shifts this weekend, so a friend and I will have our sleeves rolled up (mine primarily for using my pointy arm of directing - I have been informed that bumps and heavy lifting do not go together well) and hopefully fitting all our worldly possessions into one van to transport them from storage to our new home.  It is going to be a pretty tiring day but by the end of tomorrow, we will have a new home!  
Here are the highlights of my last week in the family home.


1. teeny tiny speckled pullet eggs for breakfast

Bump 2 

2. quiet moments with bump for my yearly re-reading of Gerald Durrell - My Family and Other Animals

Artichoke 4Artichoke 2 

3. we forgot to eat the artichokes and they became beautiful


4. the rare treat of summer figs

Turban Squash 2 

5. an ever growing turks' turban squash 

Knitting 2 

6. knitting alphabet squares for squishy building blocks for bump

Feathers Posing 

7. feathers perfecting the blue-steel pout

Feathers photobomb 

8. feathers perfecting the photobomb


9. multicoloured eggs just made for displaying


10. as ever, pasta for tea

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