7 Aug 2013

Preparing for baby boy: ethical clothing.

At 26 weeks, with only 14 weeks left to go, I am starting to actually consider what on earth I need to buy for baby bump.  With essentials such as car seats and cots, clothing kinda fell off my radar.  I mean in general I don't buy many clothes - don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for a new dress, but with limited funds and a dislike of high-street ethics, new clothes are a rarity in this household.  However I fully accept that baby boy will need to be clothed!

(As I am typing this, baby boy is wriggling and kicking away, I like to think his ears are burning).

Currently I plan primarily to buy second hand for baby boy.  Local charity shops always seem to have boxes filled with baby clothes and eBay has huge volumes of second hand clothing sold in 'bumper packs'.   Reusing is always better than buying new, especially for babies as they get such little wear of clothing before they outgrow it.  However I am secretly hoping to buy baby boy maybe just one or two little things, just for him.  Whatahippocriteright?  
So below are my favourite pieces of ethical and endearing (no-tacky slogans or cartoon monkeys for this boy) clothes for a baby boy.

childrens clothing

2. Bobby Knitted Jumper from Tootsa MacGinty  (I love this brand as almost all their clothes are designed to be unisex - no sparkly princesses or sludgy boy colours)
5. Bear Naked onesie from Hatley Store (just omgosh adorable)
6. Ivor Spider boys tights from Slugs and Snails (tights for boys are a genius idea, I also love love the ghosts print)
8. Aubrey All Over Sweatshirt also from, you guessed it, Tootsa MacGinty

And if the highstreet is still your preferred shopping place, I have included is ethical consumer's guide to ethical childrens' clothes on the highstreet.

ethical consumer

Other links (for UK shoppers) include:
If you know of any others, please let me know! 

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