6 Aug 2013

Nonna's Birthday.


The last few hot, beautiful, manic days have reached a close and I am now back in rainy England.  


And, wow, my Nonna's birthday celebration was one worthy of a hobbit.  My cousin and his partner slaved tirelessly at the pizza oven and hundreds of pizzas were consumed (no exaggeration) and countless glasses of prosecco for the non-pregnant among us.  The table was stacked high with fig and mozerella salad, fresh tomatoes and basil, borlotti beans and garlic and bruschettas, salamis and cheeses.  Once the sun set, two local musicians played a beautiful set just for Nonna.  It was a pretty magical evening.

The next bit is a bit photo heavy so I have put the rest of the pictures after the break.

IMG_9523 IMG_9574 IMG_9577 IMG_9560 IMG_9682 IMG_9679

And just because this picture makes me smile every time I see it, here is my Nonna trying to figure out what precisely to do with the iPad she was given for her birthday...