1 Aug 2013

Off to Italy...


Right dear little blog, as this post appears I will either be a) sleeping on a plane at some ungodly hour of the morning or b) in Italy, visiting my Nonna for her 80th birthday, eating panzanella and stealing fruits from the trees.  The whole family and an obscene number of friends (my Nonna is a bit of a socialite) are gathering for a birthday celebration in the sun at the Mulinetta, the house I spent every childhood summer in.  I cannot wait!

I have been semi-organised, so a couple posts will appear over the weekend, but I will be absent from the world of computers until Tuesday.  At which point I will return, no doubt, to bombard this space with a sickening number of photographs.

Please think Happy Birthday thoughts, have a good weekend and see you soon xx


[Pictures are being recycled from my visit last year - there are more here and here]


  1. i cannot wait to see these photos, it's been years since i was in italy and i would love to go again! enjoy!

  2. have fun in italy and happy birthday for your nonna