2 Aug 2013

film photography: Impossible Project colour experiments.


[left - failing to concentrate on my last ever day studying  right - the obligatory 'selfie']

These pictures are a little behind the times now but I finally have access to a scanner (and it is truly sad how much joy that little fact has brought me).  During my many years at university, at the end of exams every year I have treated myself to a disposable camera to capture that perfect, initial burst of freedom!  (You can see my disposable camera pictures from last year here).  This year being the last ever year I sit exams, I went all out and treated myself to a pack of Impossible Project film for my polaroid.  Sadly, Impossible Project film being what it is, only six of the eight photos worked out, but they were worth the hassle.

Not being a polaroid buff, I am not sure whether the yellow hue to all the pictures are a result of the film or the camera I am using (the Polaroid 636 Talking Camera).  I was initially a little disappointed with the results, hoping they would demonstrate the over-saturated blues and greens that some films seem to achieve, however they have grown on me hugely.  Each picture feels like it has captured a very happy moment.

[Left - celebrating James' birthday with our favourite people   Right - the last night out with my course friends]

Has anyone else got much experience of using Impossible Project colour film?  Any advice you can impart?

[Left and Right - trying to get a picture with a fidgety chicken]


  1. i wish i took more pictures in my college time. it's definitely the time you want to look back and reminisce.

  2. You can definitely see a lot of spirit in these pictures :) I love instant film.