26 Jul 2013

Sketchbook peeks: lino carving and The Pearce Sisters.


Since moving back to Somerset life has been pleasantly busy; returning to the homeland has meant catching up with the friends and family I have shamefully neglected over the last, manic year in Cardiff.  It has also meant however that I have had little time for my usually unending pile of projects.  Today I am hoping I will be able to make some time to sit in the garden with my sketchbook as apparently our heatwave is due to end and be replaced with storms in the near future.

I thought I would share this (admittedly horrific quality photograph as the original resides in storage) of a quick lino print I made in Cardiff.  As I hadn't played with lino since my last attempt back in December and it was a rainy afternoon, it felt about time to flex the lino-carving-muscles once more.  This is a doodle taken from my favourite short film; The Pearce Sisters (please, please watch below, it is wonderfully dark).  I am still getting my head round the coarseness of using lino; usually my drawings tend towards the small and fiddly, so lino carving feels fairly counter intuitive.  I am not usually one for 'embracing imperfections', but something about picking out long slithers of lino is so disgustingly satisfying, it keeps me trying!  I do believe this is going to be a long learning curve....so again, any hints or tips anyone can impart are most welcome!

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