24 Jul 2013

Dear baby boy (at 24 weeks).

24 week bump1

Oh baby boy how you have grown in the last couple weeks.  After so many weeks of waiting for you to show yourself, I now find myself thinking maybe you should pace yourself a little, you still have 16 weeks to go.  This week has been wonderful, you have started to kick so much when your Dad sings to you, which we are assuming to be a sign that you like it and not a request for him to stop.

I'm getting pretty excited to meet you baby boy, I'm just sorry that you are missing the butterflies and the long grass that we are enjoying so much this year.  Perhaps next year?

24 week bump2


  1. That must be exciting, waiting for his arrival.

    1. It is so exciting, I have to try hard to remember not to wish time away!

  2. so exciting! you look so wonderful!

  3. Thank you - it is such an adjustment to get used to to be honest! Everytime I catch my reflection out and about, I practically double take! But thank you :)