3 Jul 2013

introducing my new morning routine.

So we are unpacked and settled in and I’m currently getting used to the new daily routine.

The routine goes much as follows: make tea whilst watching the sparrows squabble in the garden (the curse of having the side of the bed closest to the door means I am now on morning tea duty). Return to bed with tea.  Tea is interrupted by the sound of a chicken.  Pull on jumper and boots in a hurry and run outside to find Ginger making bid for freedom #1 of the day.  Catch Ginger, put her back.  Chickens make such a racket they require feeding.  Collect eggs, only one again today.  Have got chicken poo on my pyjamas.  Urgh.
Try to return to bed, the dogs start feeling bereft that I have clearly ignored them in favour of the chickens and start whining.  I lie in bed with James for about 2 minutes listening to them whine.  Give up any hope of relaxing and get up to walk the dogs.   
Return home, find Ginger undertaking bid for freedom #2; operation eat mum’s lettuces.  Catch and return Ginger. 
Finally get inside, still not 9am.  Tea has gone cold.
I am loving the pace of life here (in no way sarcastic), I mean what the heck did I used to do with my mornings?!

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