4 Jul 2013

A festival in a zoo.


Okay so as I am sure folks the world round know, this weekend was Glastonbury Festival weekend.  I live close enough to the festival grounds that as I walked the dogs on Sunday evening, I could hear the distant strains of Mumford and Sons.  Torturous!  Salt in the wound, my entire family had tickets this year and went (without me) and were dancing to said Mumford and Sons as I craned to hear the occasional banjo ping over the sound of needy dog.

But who needs Glasto when you have - Womad at the zoo!  A world music festival at a zoo.  What a brain wave; an evening combining gorillas and tortoises with music (especially The Dohl Foundation - a Punjabi rhythm/fusion band) and world food is pretty neat in my books.  Admittedly, I mean this is the UK, it rained the entire time but we stoic folk danced the evening away in our mackintoshes and wellyboots.  I think baby boy also appreciated the music as he didn't stop wriggling the entire time, either that or Punjabi rhythm isn't quite his thing.

We are pretty lucky in the south-west that every man and his dog holds a small festival over the summer.  I am currently packing my backpack for 'North Nibley Festival' this weekend, a festival in a playing field behind a village school.  Sounds wild!  

womad5 womad4

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  1. so awesome! i adore mumford and sons. i love that during summer you can count on so many festivals to take place!