13 Jul 2013

in the garden.


So here in Blighty we are experiencing a bit of a heat wave or what the rest of the world might call 'Summer'.  As a nation we seem to be a little slow on the uptake; I popped to the shops earlier and was met by a sea of burnt faces and interesting tan lines.  My neurotic habitual slathering of SPF 50 is finally paying off.

My mum's garden has gone crazy, the glut of rain followed by intense sunshine seems to have sent plants into overdrive.  The courgettes are practically firing off the plants whilst James and I continue to pick our way through the harvest of Alpine strawberries.  Baby bump is growing solely on chorophyll and sunshine!  James got his introduction pack for his first grown up doctor job today, he starts in two weeks.  I am starting to dread the end of this sun filled limbo.

garden6 garden5
n10 IMG_8630

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