12 Jul 2013

finally, officially, concluding six years.


Graduation has been looming in the back of my mind for weeks, mildly stressing me out.  My worries started at finding a smart and affordable maternity dress, moved onto fears of tripping over in front of a large audience and concluded with the cliched nightmare of being entirely naked whilst tripping.  However I made it, in a dress with no falls and no nudity.  I might even go so far as to say I enjoyed it. 

Particularly I enjoyed the several instances of tutors coming over to congratulate, which went approximately as follows:

Tutor:  Congratulations! (tutor then looks down at bump) or double congratulations I see!
Jai: *slightly longer than normal pause*
Tutor (panic stricken): Oh god, you are pregnant aren't you?

Cruelty aside, it was a glorious sunny day (hence the squinting in every picture) and my family not only braved the 2.5 hour ceremony with smiles on their faces but had assembled a secret picnic for us to linger over in the park. What a good bunch!  I'm still sort of glad it is all done now though...also, having initials after my name is a pretty exciting prospect, so please tolerate me signing off, just this once, as:
Jai Bess BSc (or as James has dubbed me, Jai Bess Biscuit).
How grown up.


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