15 Feb 2013

Valentines day: culture, condescension and ice cream.

Beethoven 2

I do hope all your Valentines days were filled with love, whether with your partners, parents, children or friends.  I spent my evening feeling very almost grownup at a surprise visit to the concert hall to see Beethoven's third concerto.  I am not much of a classical music buff but as James' is one of those disgustingly musical people, I am slowly learning - if not a lot about actual music - how not to sound entirely ignorant.

It was a really sweet evening and just so nice to be surprised with something entirely different from our usual date night routines.  I think we were the youngest people there by about 30 years minimum and throughout the interval I could hear lots of slightly deaf conversations between elderly couples about their first concerts together; who had bought the tickets, how grown up they had felt and whether or not the conductor had been German or Italian.  I looked around at one point to a sea of patronising smiles, it was lovely.  Plus James bought me ice-cream from the scrawny chap that comes round wearing a tray of ice-creams... I realise now that the patronising was perhaps a little deserved.

Beethoven 1 Beethoven 4 Beethoven 3


  1. that sounds like a good date :)
    even that i don't think i'm an orchestra kind of girl, at least there's ice cream at the end of it!

  2. Sounds like such a lovely evening! I haven't seen an orchestra live in so long, and I bet Beethoven is so perfect in that setting! He is definitely one of my favorite composers, along with other classics like Mozart and Tchaikovsky.