13 Feb 2013

Around here W is for Work.

W is for Workspace

This W for Workspace in the Encyclopedia of... one of the many free projects of the Art House Coop.

This is my workspace at the moment.  I am set up in a corner of the living room, next to the bookshelf and the knitting basket, and the only thing that keeps me enthused throughout the dry days of literature searches and methodology critiques is the the fact I can snuggle my toes into the warm fleecy blanket as I work.  I think I might have given up a long time ago if toe snuggling wasn't an option.  
I tried for a brief stint to work at the table like a real person but it doesn't take me more than an hour to progress back down to the floor amongst the papers and highlighter pens.
When I am rich (i.e. potentially have a number in my bank account that is not positioned next to that horrible phrase - overdrawn) I am going to have a massive wooden table and I will be able to spread out until my arms can reach the things I need.  Until then I think only the floor can contain this chaos.

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  1. Beautiful photo!It reminds me so much of the days I was studying on my bed with my favourite fleece blanket to stay warm and a ton of books and highlighters around me!