1 Feb 2013

On how I am going to start embracing Mondays (kinda).


Hello little blog space.  I feel like I am emerging from a week of hibernation.

Here is a brief low down on what you missed.  My hibernation started like this, then there was a little of this, then it kinda progressed to this (I'm not proud!) but then I read this and then went out and did a little of this and now life has returned to a more normal point!

So I am back and dancing (badly)!  Please don't feel I have abandoned this little blog, I have plans and starting Monday this place will be receiving the TLC it so desperately needs.  I have my trusty camera back around my neck and I am flexing my fingers for typing on this bloody keyboard (the fluff under the keys currently mean flexing is necessary in order to not pull a flexor digitorum profundus - thanks James)!

See you Monday!

(Also, seriously I can watch this for hours whilst drinking tea and the world feels just right!)

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