4 Feb 2013

Consciously consuming: the terrible tooth of toothbrushes.

Falmouth 13

Right, I am back for realz now!  Please forgive me for the terrible blog title, it tickled me. 
I have had a good week of thinking, the responses from you guys to this post on consumerism really helped me figure out what it was I was missing from this space (and if you didn't read the comments, I'd advise it, they said so much more than I had ever hoped the post could)!  So thank you all.  For me living conscientiously is a significant aspect of my daily life, I try to treat each decision I make, however small, as momentous.  So this is really something I hope to write about more, conscientious consumerism.  

Recently I made the resolution to change my buying habits.  As things run out, break, get lost, whatever, they will be replaced with the most conscientious version I can discover.  I struck on this idea over Christmas when I looked at my toothbrush.  My snazzy purple toothbrush with the comfy rubber grip and the flexi-head is only two months old and is already well en route to needing replacing.  That means every 3ish months in this house James and I throw away a hunk of plastic that will never biodegrade and will continue to clutter up some space on this earth for longer that I could dream to!  Not to mention all the cool bubble packaging that simply gets binned with no pomp or ceremony.

So there I am, stood in my pyjamas in the bathroom, my mouth filled with toothpaste, staring at the purple monstrosity that will no doubt outlive me, having this enormous moment of clarity, when James comes in and raises an eyebrow at me before picking up his toothbrush and mimicking my concerned expression -  'Yeah, I guess they do need replacing soon, huh?'.

Urgh.  Too true.

So a brief google and browse later (still with toothpaste in mouth) I found the answer to my new problem.  These toothbrushes are bamboo, they are 100% biodegradable and environmentally sustainable and are packaged in recyclable packaging.
I don't know about elsewhere in the world but in the UK you can even subscribe through Amazon and get them delivered to your home on a discounted (a whole snazzy 10%) subscription, as frequently as you would like a new toothbrush.

(I thought about posting a photo of mine, but then thought - heck, perhaps you don't need to see something that has been scrubbing about in my mouth....)
So change a really little something today.  Buy a sustainable toothbrush!  And then compost it :)


  1. Um I would totally go with an environmentally friendly toothbrush. I've been recycling everything and anything lately and I really hadn't even noticed that my toothbrush gets tossed so often and will only take up space on this earth! I am definitely looking into this further.

  2. First of all, let me tell you that I just found your blog and I´m loving it! :) I´m a new follower and I look forward to reading your new posts and to catch up on your old ones, especially the one you did on consumerism. I usually feel lost in that area so it really helped to read your post and also the comments. I really like how you all express yourselves there and how deep and interesting a conversation can get.

    You just opened my eyes about this, that toothbrush is such a great find! :D

    Have an awesome day!


  3. Yes! That toothbrush is boss! I simply must find a similar available in Sweden! Like you, I have a conscious plan going on to downsize all the STUFF around, and change it into sustainable alternatives. Looking forward to read about your experiences!