24 Jan 2013

Sourdough companionship.

sour dough and eggs

Today I learnt that the word companion means somebody with whom you share your bread (from the Latin panis) and I think that it is the perfect descriptor of our relationship - James is my wonderful companion who not only shares my bread but bakes it every single week!  (Companion ++ ?)  
Sometimes I think the sound of James baking in the kitchen, every Sunday afternoon, with the radio on in the background, is one of my favourite sounds (only beaten by the sound of him bringing me sourdough toast and poached eggs in the morning)! 

And, I am proud to say, we haven't bought a loaf of bread from the supermarket in almost a year - not since the birth of Clementine, our sourdough stater (so named as she was started with an orange).  I thought initially it would be a habit we would fall out of after a month or so but as our starter has continued to bubble and grow, the bread making has become an important part of our weekly ritual.  I could never go back to that strange, foamy bread having lived off of Clementine's crusty offspring!


  1. I love learning the root of words! I find it lovely that companion comes from who you share your bread with. And the fact that you make your own bread? Sounds amazing, reminds me of my grandma!

  2. definitely and A+++ companion :)

  3. Mmmm, I love sourdough. I can't wait to be settled and teach myself how to make my own bread.

  4. Latin has left it's traces in French too.

    The word for both a very close (male) friend, and also 'boyfriend' is 'un copain'- if your French isn't too rusty, you should be able to see the word for bread in there.

  5. Etymology is so fascinating. I have ALWAYS wanted to make my own bread. My father does and it is always delicious.

  6. You paint a divine picture I think proper toast with oodles of butter is way up there in Best things in Life! Beautiful blog spot to have stumbled upon!