23 Jan 2013

On comforting evenings in...


After a Tolkein-worthy trek through black ice and blizzards to hand in an assignment, I am tucked safely back in my flat.  There is something hypnotic about the snow falling outside the window that makes me want to do nothing besides curl up in a blanket in front of the small heater with mugs of tea.  It may be a strange kind of date night but I think these moments with James will be the ones I miss when we have enough money to actually put the heating on.  Although probably not so much that I will actually turn the heating off in the future in order to recapture the moment.  I mean, it is pretty cold...
But under a blanket, surrounded by the strange burning smell the heater always emits and finally completing the knitting of these leg warmers, it all feels pretty perfect. 

I'm dreading the rain that is forecast for the end of this week, I'm not quite ready for this magic to end.

Leg warmers

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  1. Moments like those are precious in their special way. I remember we used to have picnics for dinner on the living room floor when we saved up to buy our dining room table. I still look fondly back to those times.