24 Dec 2012

Making Christmas: the finished product.

festive plants 1
Merry Christmas eve all.  I hope where ever in the world you may all be, you are all feeling festive and snug. 
festive plants 2

There is not a lot to say today, I just wanted to share the finished product of my making Christmas series - I have put it after the page break in an attempt to prevent my mother from having a peak before Christmas day!  

christmas hamper

chrismas hamper 3

So finally my hampers are complete and I just cannot wait to give them away.  I do hope your presents are all wrapped and ready - Merry Crimbles.

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  1. What a lovely idea for christmas! =)

    Thank you for following =) I like your blog too, so I´m following back!
    Even though Christmas is over, merry christmas and a happy new year to you! =)