23 Dec 2012

Making Christmas #8: Chocolate Spoons.

chocolate spoons

Another last minute project for chucking into the hampers and it is so simple it almost feels like cheating!  I bought a spoon mold at a local kitchen shop but you can also buy them here on amazon.  Then to make these beauts you literally just melt the chocolate of your choice, pour it into the molds and let them harden overnight.  To make them a bit special, once they are hardened flick melted chocolate (of a different colour) over the surface, wait for them to dry and wrap them up.
I am going to wrap mine up in grease-proof paper and twine and slip them into the hampers .  (Apart from the one I currently using to stir my coffee (a proper mocha) and the one that James has stolen for eating ice-cream)!

chocolate spoons 2


  1. These are an adorable idea and you did such a great job!!!! I love them!

  2. This is a great idea! Will definitely have to try these!

  3. Oh yum! They look so delicious. Wish I had one for my coffee too!

  4. Awwh, thanks guys. I'm not going to lie, one coffee with these badboys and I don't think I can ever go back to drinking black coffee like a grown up! x