28 Nov 2012


Hi there - James here.  Jai has kindly lent me her blog for the morning so I can post about, well, my Motang.

November is Movember here in the UK and in lots of countries worldwide.  Movember is a charity that aims to raise awareness of Men's Health issues, especially prostate and testicular cancer.  It also supports research and survivor's initiatives for these hugely important issues.  1 in 9 of us blokes will have prostate cancer during our lives.

This means that men the world over are carefully cultivating crumb-catchers and collecting charitable donations from their families, friends, colleagues and even perfect strangers.  I've decided to join them this year and am aiming for the £100 mark by the end of the month.  Check out the before and now:


As you can see, I appear to be one of those men who grow ginger facial hair, and the sheer wiriness of it is shocking.  Combined with this particular moustache style, it makes a bit of a disturbing package.  If it wasn't for charity, I suspect I'd be barred from my own home by Jai, let alone all the pubs in Wales.

Please, if you feel that you can spare a few pennies or pounds (or, cents or dollars), take a look at my Mospace page and donate for this great cause.

Thanks, and Happy Movember!


  1. Awesome!!! haha, I'll definitely be donating!

  2. Way to go! I love Movember. I'm quite the fan of facial haired men. =)