27 Nov 2012

Birds on the brain.

IMG_2943 For the last month or so I have been leaving seeds outside on the window still at the head of my bed and finally the birds have noticed! In the morning I lie still on my tummy all snuggled and warm under my duvet and watch them bicker and squabble over the seeds. Every morning a few more seem to arrive. First up are the little birds, they wake me up bright and early chirping and fluffing away. Robins, Blue-tits, a couple Sparrows and a Grey-Wagtail have all attended the windowsill buffet. Then after about half an hour it's the blackbird's turn, followed shortly by the magpies, who frighten all my little birds away. Then this morning a Jay bird (British Jay not the american Blue Jay) joined my flock! I was so excited, my name-sake bird has always been my favourite! Then we finish with a big ol' thug of a Wood-pigeon - a fat little brat who sits and gorges for the rest of the day, occasionally cooing at me as I go about my day.

Apologies for the reflections on the glass but I couldn't resist sharing these little guys!

IMG_2951 IMG_2954 IMG_2956


  1. This is such an adorable idea! And the Jay Bird is just beautiful!

  2. Such beautiful birds. I have never seen that first bird before.

    <3 Melissa

  3. So neat! I've never thought of something like this but I'd love to try it. Especially with my kitty cats and their love for watching birds out of the window. I can't imagine how much fun they would have if birds flew right up to the window!

  4. Those birds are so cute! I can't decide if doing that would be a good idea or if it would traumatize both my cat and the birds!

  5. I really love being able to capture pictures of birds like that - these are SO pretty and cool that they visit so close to your home. My pup chases them away before I can even spot them!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. Thank you for all your comments! I do have cat/dog envy of most people most of the time, but having my 'pet' birds on the windowsill will do for the time being! xx